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Our Values

SoulTouchin' Experiences is an endeavor founded on the belief that in order to build a stronger community, there must be a heart and soul commitment to those who need assistance in order to begin caring for themselves and in turn caring for others.

This is achieved through collaborative partnerships and progressive advocacy efforts, aimed at community empowerment along with systemic policy change for persons with and without disabilities on a local and national level.

SoulTouchin' Experiences was founded to bring a perspective to the issues of access inclusion and empowerment which affect people with a disability as well as other marginalized communities. With involvement in efforts ranging from the Arts to Medicaid to Voter Rights and Access, STE consolidates these interests, passion and beliefs into an organization that trains and consults with individuals and organizations.

SoulTouchin' Experiences where, "Everything has a Soul…"

-Keith P. Jones


A picture of Keith Jones, a Black man, looking towards the camera. The background is out of focus while Keith remains the focal point. The lower right hand corner features a grey text box, which reads Keith Jones with the words President & CEO in all caps below. 

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