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Press Release

Krip-Blues Stories Series

November 2nd,2022 

Black, Blind & Beautiful EP

Brought to you by Soulful Media Works

Leroy F. Moore Jr.


On Leroy Moore’s 55th birthday, November 2nd, 2022 he will release his new EP, Krip-Blues Stories Series—Black, Blind & Beautiful EP, under Soulful Media Works of SoulTouchin’ Experiences.


In 2017 Leroy Moore put out Krip-Blues Stories EP as his way of paying tribute to Black disabled Blues artists back in the day, including not only Blind men but Black disabled women artists like Jonnie Ma Dunson who not only sang but wrote many songs and played the drums. The EP was also a musical history of Black disabled people and what they had gone through in the height of the Blues era. Of course, the EP can’t mention all Black disabled Blues musicians during that time.


Now on Leroy Moore’s upcoming birthday, November 2nd, 2022, Leroy wants to build on Krip-Blues Stories with another installment with another EP, titled Krip-Blues Stories – Black, Blind & Beautiful EP with new tracks like Blind Woman Standing On The Corner, Blind Man Stood On The Road & Cried (Inspired by Josh White Sr.’s song) and the poem-song, Black Blind & Beautiful dedicated to Lachi and his latest, The Blues Man & The Devil dedicated to Robert Johnson and My Lady is The Blues.


Krip-Blues Stories – Black, Blind & Beautiful EP is created by Krip-Hop artists, Keith Jones on music production and Leroy F Moore Jr. who wrote the lyrics and is speaking / singing on all tracks. Once again, this EP is part of what many are now calling Black Disabled Art / Music History and I hope it will be passed down to all youth especially Black / Brown youth with / without disabilities.




Blind Woman Standing On The Corner Music produced by Keith Jones

Blind Man Stood On The Road & Cried Music produced by Keith Jones (Inspire by Josh White Sr. 1960’s Song)

Black Blind & Beautiful Music produced by Keith Jones (Dedicate to Lachi)


Hidden tracks-The Blues Man & The Devil (Dedicated to Robert Johnson) & My Lady is The Blues

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