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1) Look over Krip-Hop Nation’s history, mission, goals and achievements on their website to see if you agree.
2) Watch Krip-Hop Nation’s videos on YouTube & DA CHNL.
3) Discuss with your people to see if more than you are interested in becoming a Krip-Hop Nation’s chapter and what makes sense where you are.
4) Get in contact with Leroy Moore through social media or email him at
5) Leroy will set up a time to meet over zoom or other video chat to talk about becoming an official Krip-Hop chapter.
6) After becoming a chapter, Krip-Hop will stay in contact with you to see how you are doing and how the chapter can plug into the work of Krip-Hop Nation’s work internationally. We will create an official document saying you are now a chapter of Krip-Hop Nation. This document will be emailed to you.
7)  Krip-Hop’s Founders, Leroy & Keith Jones have the power to dissolve chapters if the chapter doesn't stay in contact, if their work doesn't follow our mission and if the chapter leadership action is in conflict with the work and growth of Krip-Hop Nation as a whole.

The Benefit of Becoming A Chapter of Krip-Hop Nation:

– Be apart of Krip-Hop media including, radio show, social network posts, upcoming Krip-Hop television channel
– Krip-Hop Nation Institutes – Main institute in California and satellite offices at our chapters
– Be creators of festivals and other events
– Share resources
– Be a part of an international network fighting and creating artistic collaborations and our rights.
– To create friendships and and support for each other
– To rise funds for the chapters and to tackle discrimination towards people with disabilities.
– To help to bring our artistic expression, legal rights to mainstream media, political arena, art world and locally in our communities.

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