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Dear Potential Host,

My name is Leroy Moore of Krip-Hop Nation (an international artistic/activist network focusing on disability justice through music/poetry i.e. Hip-Hop, Blues and Jazz). 


I’m writing to you today to see if you and your venue are interested in booking virtually a Krip-Hop event.  I hope we can continue our talk about that possibility.  Below is more information about my work, Krip-Hop Nation.  I look forward to your response , thank you for your time.


Krip-Hop Nation/Leroy Moore has been on the college circuit since 1998 and performed and provided workshops at Harvard, University of California at Berkeley, New York University, Rayson University in Toronto, Ca to name a few. We would love to come to your campus or festival. Krip-Hop Nation has chapters in Africa, Germany, UK, Spain, Italy, & of course the US etc. Below is Krip-Hop Nation's history. 


Krip-Hop Nation is an international network of Hip-Hop & other musicians with disabilities with a few chapters around the world what we call Mcees With Disabilities (MWD) in Germany, UK & Africa & more. Krip-Hop is a community as well as style of music, an artistic space where people with disabilities can speak out and speak back to the social structures that exclude people based on disability, race, sexuality, and a host of other marginalized identities. Founding members are Leroy F. Moore Jr., Keith Jones & the late Rob ‘Da Noize Temple of the Sugarhill Gang.


Krip-Hop Nation mission is to educate the music, media industries and general public about the talents, history, rights and marketability of Hip-Hop artists and other musicians with disabilities from Blues to Hip-Hop internationally. Our bi-line is Krip-Hop is More Than Music.


In 2009 Krip-Hop Nation hosted the first ever conference on Diversifying Hip-Hop, Homo-Hop & Krip-Hop bring queer & disabled Hip-Hop artists together at U.C. Berkeley & at NYU.


In 2007/8 I started to interview two African disabled music groups, one in Zimbabwe & the other in the Congo before they both blew up on American stages and on the big screen. Talking about Staff Benda Bilili of the Congo & Liyana of Zimbabwe.

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