The role of SoulTouchin' Experiences and your organization.

Our focus is one of empowering your group and/or organization in expanding the reach of your services.

Through providing an array of tools for individual groups and organizations STE helps in accessing understanding and effectively utilizing information. We help organizations foster stronger relationships with the disability community by providing awareness trainings and technical support.

SoulTouchin' Experiences offers our training and consulting services for non-profits, corporations and small businesses. We assist your business organization or group in reaching the segment of the American consumer and community seldom tapped. With almost with one-fifth of the country's population alone, identifying themselves as a "person with a disability" there is an opportunity, which few are actively seeking.

Public Speaking

As the Founder, President and CEO of SoulTouchin' Experiences, Keith Jones has become a powerful voice on the issues of access, inclusion and empowerment, including education and employment. Mr. Jones over the past years has been recognized locally and national as a strong advocate on a wide breath of issues. Over his years as and advocate Mr. Jones has been awarded the Disabilit Law Center's 2011 Individual Leadership Award, New Leadership Development Award From The President's Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities. The Commonwealth Coalition's Progressive Leadership Award the 2006 Moro Fleming Consumer Involvement Award from the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission, with as well as, a graduate of the inaugural class of Initiative for Diversity in Civic Leadership.